Hi! My name is Kelly Hudler and I became a Travel agent specializing in Disney Destinations because of my love for all things Disney. The travel agency that I work with, Key to the World Travel, is a Platinum Disney earmarked agency. This is quite an honor for travel agencies and only a handful reach that status!


My infactuation with Disney began when I was around 7 or 8 years of age. My family often traveled to Florida to visit family. While visiting family we would go to Disney World. This is back when the Magic Kingdom was Disney World and you were given paper tickets (E ticket rides were the most popular) and you were not issued a key to the “World”. I can still remember the feeling of excitement that I felt as I walked down Main Street USA for the first time. I have been to Disney World over 30 plus times since my first trip all those years ago and I find that, to this day, I still get that same feeling of excitement when I walk down Main Street USA.


I have shared and instilled the love for Disney with my husband, Joey and children P.J. (26) and Skyler (23), over the years. We have taken our yearly family vacations at Disney World for over 17 years now. Some years we may travel to the “World” 2 or 3 times. Even though they are grown and have children of their own, they still get excited at the thought of going to Disney and the new memories that will be made.


We took our oldest grandson just a few days before he turned 2 years old. We had people tell us that he’d never remember going and that it’d be a waste of money taking one so young. To be truthful, taking Kayde was probably more for me than him. I missed seeing Disney through the eyes of a child. Kayde was one of a handful of small kids who wasn’t afraid of the characters. We didn’t have to drag him kicking and screaming up to Donald or Mickey for a picture. He knew them all by name. Of course he did. Grandma and Papa’s house is a little Disney World in itself. He made friends with Stitch, played football with Goofy, hung out with Mickey and met his, then, hero Buzz Lightyear!  For all those naysayers out there who said “he’ll never remember”, HE DOES! He still talks about it almost 2 years later. He has since taken his second trip to Disney and met his current hero, Captain Jack Sparrow, and learned to “fike” (fight) pirates in the Pirate tutorial.  He also learned about Icabod Crane and tale of Sleepy Hollow, thanks to the Haunted Carriage ride at Fort Wilderness.  Before we boarded the plane to return home he wanted to know when we were going back.


Even though, we didn’t cover as ground, see or do as much as we have done in the past or ride every ride 2, 3 or 4 times. The memories that have been made with him are worth it! Sometimes we can see and learn so much from a child’s perspective. We can’t wait to experience these moments with our other 2 grandsons, as well.


This is why I chose to specialize in Disney Travel. I want to help other parents and grandparents of young children see Disney through their eyes. I want them to remember strolling down Main Street USA for the first or the look on their child’s face when they see their favorite character in person. There really isn’t anything quite like the magic of Disney! Especially, when you share it with a child.


ºoº Kelly ºoº



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